Wild West Quest: Gold Rush

Wild West Quest: Gold Rush

Travel back in time with Wild West Quest and solve an old family mystery
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Wild West Quest is a great hidden objects game in which graphics are real photographs.
While you where looking inside an old chest that belonged to your grandfather, you find some old objects, and among them you get surprised with some pictures from your grand grand father William Mason, and a newspaper where you read that your parent worked at a gold claim and that he was murdered by a gang of masked bandits; after reading that you discover a wanted banner for Black Jack Armstrong and an old watch. At the moment you try to make the watch work, you travel in time to the old wild west.
During the game you will have to find hidden objects and clues that will help you to solve your grand grand fathers murder. Be sure to have tips and hints enabled, at least at the beginning, so you can learn how to play faster.
The game is controlled only with the help of your mouse so it´s very easy.
You will be amazed with the games graphics and sound effects.
Travel in time to the old wild west and solve this family mystery

Augusto Rivera
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  • The animations are real photographs


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